Requesting Service

If you have a conflict you would like to have mediated or to make a referral, contact the Campus Mediation Services (573) 884-7813.

During your initial contact with the CMS, some basic information will be collected about you, the other person or people, the circumstances surrounding the situation, and your availability. The CMS will discuss the mediation process with you, and you will have a chance to ask questions. At the end of the conversation, or sometime thereafter, you will have to decide whether mediation is the way you would like to hand the situation. If you decide to go forward with mediation, the CMS will discuss with you the best way to notify the other person of your interest in trying mediation. If you are not interested in mediation, the CMS will not be involved in the situation any further.

When the CMS follows-up with the other person about your interest in mediation, the conversation will be similar your initial conversation with CMS staff – primarily information collection and explaining the mediation process. If the other person agrees to mediation, the CMS will schedule the mediators (subject to potential conflicts) and make all the arrangements for the mediation. The CMS will make every effort to schedule your mediation as quickly as possible. After the mediation process is completed, you will be asked to complete an evaluation at the end of the mediation (you are not required to identify yourself).